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How It Works

This is how you buy/sell/rent your properties on OVZA


If you are looking for a dream home in your favourite location you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is enter your desired location and click search and we will display all the properties available for sale and/or for rent in that area. Simply click on the property that catches your attention and we will give you all its details. If a particular property looks appealing, you can request more details from the same page and coordinate directly with the seller(s). If you have selected more than one agent then your request mail will be sent to each of them automatically, and if multiple agents are available for a property you can choose from them based on their reviews and ratings, which are also displayed on our website.


To sell your property simply follow these steps:

1 Register

Provide your email, first name, last name, create a password, and select the appropriate box depending on whether you are an agent, seller or developer. After this you will receive an email from us confirming your registration. Click on the link provided in the email to verify your account. If your account is automatically activated then you will find yourself automatically logged in, otherwise admin will approve your account within a couple of hours.

2Provide Details

In your user account you will be redirected to the ‘edit profile’ section where you can fill in the required details. If you fail to provide any required details on the profile, you will not be able to add a listing later on, so make sure you do this as accurately as possible. If you are agent you must complete all the required details to activate your account. Once you have completed your agent profile you will be visible to our users and they will be able to contact you.

3Add/Assign Property

You can add a listing from the ‘add listings’ section of your account. Please make sure you provide as much detail as possible for the listing including several images for better clarity and to maximize viewership. After completing the listing you can activate it when you’re ready from the ‘manage listing section’. You will also be able to choose whether you would like to add your property to our “featured listings” category following the steps below. If you would like to collaborate with an agent for your listing, you will be able to select from the available agents on your location and send them a request.

4 Wait for a Response

Once your listing is active there is nothing more to do. Simply wait for interested buyers to contact you!

Homes for You

Take the stress out of finding your dream home.

What we do

Ovza real estate provides a single platform for home owners where they can upload their properties to be seen by people all over the world. Likewise, users can view houses for sale or for rent in every city in the world whilst also dealing with reliable and trusted real estate agents and developers. We wanted to give our users maximum flexibility, so if you see something you like you can contact agents directly using the details provided on our site, or you can chat with them using our chat feature if you are looking for a quicker response to your questions. If you see a listing you like but are unsure of, you can also save it to be viewed later in your personal dashboard by clicking on the heart icon on the picture of the listing.

Easy Analysis

We provide various calculators for making easy estimations on your budget and the affordability of a particular property now and in the future. We have three different calculators, each one with a particular purpose:

1.Affordability calculator that estimates the price of the home you can afford using your monthly income as a revenue source.

2.Mortgage calculator which helps you estimate the amount you have to set aside on a monthly basis to pay back the loan amount you intend to take.

3.Rent vs. Buy Calculator helps you decide whether renting or buying is cheaper for you.

Maximum Exposure for Agents

Registering as an agent with us takes your business to a new level by opening the doors to the world’s widest range of potential leads. You can create an impressive portfolio for yourself by listing your client’s properties as your own. You can also coordinate directly with the user through our chat feature; otherwise we will navigate users directly to your profile so you can discuss details. We want to give our agents control in who they deal with, so we have also given them the option to accept or reject the request from users through their personal account. All of this is done by paying one set monthly fee regardless of the properties sold. Because we are in no way involved in the sale process, Ovza will not take a percentage from you for any sales made.

Premium Agents

As a premium agent your listings will appear on our home page and in our “features listings” section at the bottom of every other page in the website. This means that your listings will stand out from the rest, making it more likely to be picked up by buyers. Your details will also appear at the top of our agent’s directory list so your name and details will be the first thing our users see. You can upgrade your account to a “premium agent” from your dashboard.


Advertise your upcoming or existing projects with us and expose them to people from all corners of the world. We treat our developers the same way we treat our agents, which means that we are not involved in sale process, and therefore do not interfere with pricing or take a commission upon the sale of the property. You are fully in control of your listings and are free to coordinate directly with interested buyers, simply upload the details of your project along any brochures your company may have for this project, pictures, videos and any other information you feel might be useful, then kick back and wait for interested users to contact you.

Commercial Properties

In addition to providing the world’s largest collection of residential properties, Ovza users will also gain access to commercial properties all over the world. So if you are looking for a new office space, or would like to calculate the costs of upgrading to a bigger one, select ‘commercial’ from our home page filters to see your options. Alternatively, click on the ‘commercial’ tab at the top of the page to access our list of hand-selected commercial real estate agents and developers.

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